Recommended Modules
The following Modules are not specifically written for / with support of the System, but their general features enhance the experience of using the System in a significant way

Combat Enhancements

Shows rough HP of allies (and optionally enemies), and allows drag-and-drop reordering of initiative. Useful for held actions and Commanders adjusting the order around.

Combat Numbers

Shows damage (and optionally healing) as bounding RPG-style numbers. Useful for verifying damage was applied correctly

Easy Target

Makes targetting easier via Alt + Click

Group Initiative

If you prefer having every Actor in initiative rather than one reprenting a group, Group Initiative allows enemies of the same type (like 5 Goblins) to share initiative

Roll of Fate

There are often times you need to pick a random Actor from a group - this makes that easy

Target Enhancements

Adds a much larger targeting indicator, as well as a small image indicating who is targeting that Token

Token Mold

Applies unique identifiers (and optionally adjectives) to Tokens as unliked Actors are dragged onto a scene. This makes it easier to target and know which targets were hit in a multi-target attack, such as "Small Goblin 2, Springy Goblin 3"