Welcome to Toolkit13 (13th Age Compatible)

What is Toolkit13 (13th Age Compatible)?

Toolkit13 is an Archmage Engine Compatible and 13th Age Compatible game System for FoundryVTT, enabling you to play any of the TTRPG's that utilize the core components of the Archmage Engine, such as Icon Relationships or Powers. The system includes 13th Age SRD content, such as Classes and Monsters. Most of the system was written by asacolips#1867 (Discord), with cswendrowski#9701 joining later to assist.

Quick System Overview

    Player Character Sheets can be created as a "Character" Actor
    PC's Attacks, Spells, Features, and Powers are created as "Power" items on the Character Sheet
    NPC / Monster Sheets can be created as a "NPC" Actor
    Magic Items can be created as "Equipment" Items, and will add their bonus to whatever Actor they belong to
    Mudane / Generic Items can be created as "Tool" or "Loot" Items
    Compendiums full of Monsters (NPC Actors) and Class Powers are available in the Compendium tab

Quick Start for Players

Quick Start for GMs

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